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Customer service

After-sales commitment of products:

I、In case quality issues arise during normal use process, the company promises to implement the following policies on repair:
1、All products and components in the company enjoy a one-year guarantee period. Finished goods or modules can be switched to our company for replacing the same products or components for product quality issues caused out of designing and production within one-year warranty period.
2、Our company will help our clients with maintenance at the cost price for whatever quality issues arising when the one-year guarantee time is due.

II、Outside the quality guarantee range

1、When users modify or change product labels privately.
2、 Damage caused not by original package or original product (for example, lights of other companies installed by apparatus of the company, burning of electric apparatus caused by water leakage of shell).
3、Damages caused out of maintenance by others or damages done due to failure to abide by the installation instructions.
4、Products beyond the quality guarantee period.
5、Use in non-normal environment (such as high-temperature house, refrigerator, coal mine, etc).
6、Damage caused by irresistible natural disasters.

III、 Customer services hotline: +86-757-81857338.