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Origin of LED bulb

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Nick Huo Rodney acco Ge Corp in the United States is one of the common researchers. In 1962, he developed the world's first red light emitting diode (diodes LED-light-emitting). He believes that it will be possible to get the red light is also possible to obtain other colors. In 1963, he wrote in the United States, "reader's Digest", the future of lighting and display areas will be led by the world!
Huo Rodney sub Ke invented the light-emitting diode after second years, he left the Ge Corp, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of illinois. He wanted to train more students through education, through them to improve and promote the application of light-emitting diodes. Many of the physics he taught at the University became an entrepreneur, chief executive officer, or researcher. After the invention has been improved, the light emitting diode has been successfully realized.
In 1963, Huo Rodney and Giacometti invented the first light emitting semiconductor lasers in the world. This kind of laser diode has become the key part of CD, DVD, player, laser printer and copy machine. From late 70s onwards, Huo Rodney began to accho LED luminescence spectra extended to visible light, infrared work. Red outside the light of the diode will not only change the long-distance communication system, will also change the face of the computer. Today, nearly eighty year old Huo Rodney Giacometti continues to pursue, intent to use the method of light emitting diode, a large number of optical switch integrated on the chip, so as to realize the dream of optical computer.
Huo Rodney Giacometti's contribution to the future generations to make research on new ideas, new light and new devices has opened up a new way. People have been made to yellow, green, blue, white and other colors of light emitting diodes. Today, with a large display screen made of light emitting diode fans around the world, the number of the display is very clear even during the day. But the traffic lights and all the lights in the car almost all use light-emitting diodes.

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