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Is the emergency light really just an emergency?

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Introduction: emergency lighting is China's use of special terms before emergency lighting, emergency lighting successful naming is not a long time that many people do not understand the. Emergency lighting is in the accident and sometimes specially equipped with lighting, and therefore directly linked to the safety of the people directly linked to the people, but also so much attention. What is the principle of emergency lighting? With our lives and safety of the emergency lighting, do you have a real understanding of it?
In recent years, there has been a great development in the field of emergency lighting in China, and it has been improved in various technical indicators. The development of emergency lighting industry also shows the importance of human life and safety, the corresponding emergency lighting work has also been widely concerned. So, what is the principle of emergency lighting?
Characteristics of emergency lighting
Emergency lighting has the characteristics of reliable performance, high stability, low power consumption, high brightness, long service life, while the design of the power switch and lights that were corridor, fire channel is widely installed in public places within the.
Emergency lighting classification
Emergency lighting is different from general lighting. It includes three kinds: emergency lighting, evacuation lighting and safety lighting.
Spare lighting
In the normal lighting power supply failure, to ensure the normal activities continue to carry out and set up the emergency lighting part.
escape lighting
When a fault occurs in the normal power supply, the emergency lighting part is provided for the personnel to find the exit of the building easily and accurately.
Safety lighting
In the normal power failure, to ensure the safety of personnel in the potential danger of the emergency lighting part.
Emergency work principle
First of all, we have an analysis from the structure. Emergency lights inside there are two sets of power supply system, is a set of internal battery power supply to the lamp, an external power supply for lighting power supply at the same time to charge the battery, and power conversion mechanism, when the external power supply disconnected (blackout) when the line will switch to the battery power supply mode. This can be in the emergency lamp power off when the emergency lights will still keep the lighting.
Understand the power supply principle of emergency lighting, in a simple understanding of the emergency work under the principle of. Emergency lighting system for domestic use in its own power supply independent control type, normal power received from the general lighting power supply circuit, usually corresponding emergency light battery, when the power is cut off, the standby power supply automatic power supply (battery). This form of emergency lights each lamp has a transformer, voltage regulation, charging, inverter, battery and a large number of electronic components, emergency lights in the use, maintenance, fault when the battery needs to be charged and discharged. The other is the centralized power centralized control type, the emergency lamp is not independent power supply, when the normal lighting power failure, the power supply system is powered by a centralized power supply system. Emergency lighting system in this form, all lamps internal complex electronic circuits are omitted, emergency lighting and general lighting is the centralized power supply system is arranged in the special room.

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