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Introduction of fire emergency lighting lamp

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Fire emergency lighting is a fire emergency lighting for personnel evacuation and fire protection work! It usually uses the external power supply, when the power is automatically switched to the battery power supply! General high-rise buildings / shopping malls / places of entertainment and other personnel intensive place there will be equipped with emergency lights!
Product features:
The lamp body with high quality metal spray light box, layered color design, novel and beautiful appearance.
The function of automatic detection, intelligent fault, stable and reliable work.
3 emergency conversion speed (less than 0.2 seconds).
The bright LED light source applications, low power consumption, long service life.
The lamp with an elliptical metal spray, three-dimensional sense of strong.
The lamp head can rotate 360 degrees, good light focusing.
Emergency lighting can be classified according to the working condition and function. According to the working state can be divided into 3 categories: 1. No matter whether the normal lighting power supply has fault, can continue to provide lighting. Non continuous type emergency lamp. Only when the normal lighting power supply failure to provide lighting. Composite emergency lamp. Two or more light sources are arranged in the lamp emergency lighting lamp, at least one of which can provide illumination when the normal lighting power supply fails.
According to the function can be divided into two categories: 1. In the event of an accident, it is possible to provide the necessary lighting to the corridor, the exit channel, the stairs and the potential danger zone. Marker lamp. Can clearly indicate the direction and the export channel, with text and icon on the lamp and the sign of surface brightness is 7 ~ 10cd/m2, the diameter of at least 19mm text strokes, the height of at least 150mm, observation distance 30m, transparent text has great contrast with the background.

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